Mail Server Upgrade

There will be a few minutes downtime on the main mail server whilst we upgrade it today – all incoming mail will be stored on one of the secondary servers for the duration, but POP/IMAP/Webmail will be unavailable.


We have added a new webmail system, “Roundcube”, which you might like to try. It is a bit more modern than the Squirrelmail  – but we are leaving that in place so you can choose which you prefer. More details … Continue reading

Domain Names

Happy new year! In the spirit of new years resolutions, and keeping things up to date, we’ve reinstated our domain name checker, and updated the list of domain name extensions we can register for you. If you are interested in … Continue reading

WordPress Sites

Over the next few weeks we will be updating the way the WordPress websites we host are served – this won’t make any difference to the way they appear online, but will increase the security. However, if you notice any … Continue reading

Photolist Admin Speed

We had a report earlier today that the Photolist Admin pages were running a bit slowly. One of the database maintenance scripts needed a parameter tweaking as the database has been growing somewhat rapidly lately. This was changed, scripts have … Continue reading

Email passwords

Following some more updates, we have re-enabled the ability to change your password through the webmail, just go to “options->change password” when you log in.

Mail Server Moving

We are just about to start migrating the mail server, this will take about an hour, and in that time POP, IMAP and outgoing authenticated SMTP will be unavailable.

Websites Moving

We are planning on moving the majority of websites over to the new servers this evening. This should be seamless, but we will be disabling ftp access on the old servers before we start.

New Servers

We have made the decision that over the next couple of  months we will be replacing all our servers and associated infrastructure, to enable us to deliver new services, and the existing ones even faster! There shouldn’t be any downtime … Continue reading